"No one has ever conquered this game. One week out there and you are God,

next time you are the devil. But it does keep you coming back."  Juli Inkster


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We have a great deal to offer all golfers looking to improve their game. Yes, we realize that every single golfer that comes to us has specific needs. That's why our teaching is tailored to each individual's personal goals. Our staff of four highly-trained and motivated professionals care about your game and enjoy helping you get the most out of it.

The Professionals Golf School is the school of choice for  America's largest corporations. Our clients include IBM, Northern Telecom, GlaxoWellcome, the City of Raleigh and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Once you decide on The Professionals Golf School simply select the session you wish to attend. Choose a date to start and you're well on your way to improving your game!

Next, it's time to determine which golf course or courses you would like to play on. This unique feature of the school allows you to play and learn at the Pinehurst courses of your choice.

When you arrive at the school we immediately begin your training with an in-depth review of your current skills using digital V1 Video Analysis. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to evaluate your swing and compare you with some of your favorite professional golfers. This take-home video is yours to view over and over again to reinforce your new habits and break away from the bad.


This professional-level program is the school of choice  of America's largest corporations. Clients  include: IBM, Northern Telecom, GlaxoWellcome, City of Raleigh and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We conduct short game schools on-site at corporate campuses. In 1996 we had over 1,000 people go through our one-day clinics and golf schools.

Key Benefits:  We customize this corporate entertainment to suit your needs. Arrange for accommodations and golf anywhere in the area. Provide video instruction for your clients on and off the golf course.









The Professionals Golf School offers the best value for each golfer seeking to improve his or her game. Each student is encouraged to focus on one specific improvement goal for this session. We take great pride in providing the hands-on guidance to help students achieve and record each goal. Our hands-on approach makes it easier to successfully achieve a more consistent round of golf.

Key Benefits: All instruction is tailored to your individual needs. A complete video analysis of your swing shows you where changes need to be made and why. Your instructor will accompany you on the front nine of your afternoon round every day to show you how to use your 'new swing' consistently, and guide you through the complexities of effective course management.



Be prepared to take your game to the MAX!  We'll use our V1 Video Analysis for three out of the five days to allow you to really see where improvement is needed, how well you're improving and how far you've advanced...in just five days!  Our instructors personally guide you around the golf course showing you when to attack, when to gamble and when to play it safe. This is our finest and most in-depth school filled with opportunities to improve every aspect of your game from that very first drive to the very last putt!

Key Benefits: Video analysis of your swing on three out of five days. Written programs for further improvement. Dedicated in-depth, hands-on training into every aspect of the game.



Bob Dougherty has recently attended the Jim Hardy Plane Truth Seminar in Houston, Texas and is now listed on that website. 

If you are interested in learning Hoganís One Plane Swing, come to The Professionals Golf School. The One Plane Swing is used by Zack Johnson, Chad Campbell, Peter Jacobson, and Ernie Els.


  • Itís easy and simpleĖless moving parts.

  • Allows you to be more aggressive in the upper body

  • No need for the tempo and timing of the Two Plane Swing

  • Eliminate the weight shift of the upper body

  • Use your big muscles (shoulders) instead of the little muscles (hands and wrists).

  • Makes the short game EASY.



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